Concluding Discussion

In summary, Chossudovsky showed with abundant clarity, that his narratives combine well-sourced, contextualized information and sometimes quality reporting with out-of-context information, unreliable news sources, and misconstrued information. Narrative cascades frequently reveal most actants involved are complicit in the core narrative.

The U.S. is the head of the villainous snake and its allies, like Europe, are either shown to be complicit with its influence, or described as being in imminent danger of becoming like third-world countries, privatized by neoliberals, sucked dry by U.S.-led globalism.

Global Research focuses primarily on North America and never discusses the Russian or Chinese pandemic responses. Discussion of China only occurs at length in the China trade narrative, and the narrative seems to support China’s market dominance.

Global Research appears to be directly involved with Russian propaganda to varying degrees. It’s not certain that Chossudovsky is more than a useful idiot, but with his involvement with the 4th Media group it is more likely, plus one of his contributors is a known Putin advisor.

SARS-CoV-2. – Public Domain, courtesy of the U.S. CDC

Global Research’s criticisms of Western control are not always invalid. But Chossudovsky’s methods and overall writing style are potentially very polarizing. Readers who let down their guard could get sucked into a reality where Russia and its allies are never at fault and the U.S. is responsible for everything wrong in the world.

Having readership in Europe and Canada grow more hostile toward their and U.S. authorities would allow Russia to take advantage. The COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect opportunity for Russia to work to destabilize the U.S. while also minimizing its own and its allies’ negative exposure.

If readers don’t pay attention, Chossudovsky’s mantra-like talking points may take a hold, so playing into the Russian propaganda framework. Readers must be vigilant to not catch the virus of misinformation and an appetite for bad journalism, both detrimental to an informed democracy.

Popular news sources like Global Research also take power away from the alternative news movement as a whole, delegitimizing it.