This study compares narratives about COVID-19 from Global Research, an influential conspiracy news and opinion website that publishes or re-publishes tens of posts a day. The source is known to spread news that is biased toward Russia.

The purpose of this study is to untangle narrative sequences found within COVID-19-related web posts on Global Research over an 11-week period after the peak of the pandemic. The domain is comprised primarily of 13 posts in which the novel coronavirus plays a significant role. Only posts by Global Research founder Michel Chossudovsky are the object of study. Narrative content and form are analyzed to highlight the modus operandi of the site’s lead editor in as much detail as possible while still being able to see an overall picture. Narratives and their elements are then put in relation to known Russian propaganda themes based on a historical context.

This study finds Global Research narratives in the COVID-19 context to be consistent with modern Russian propaganda practices. With the context assembled about the publication it seems even more likely that the founder is involved in an effort to sow malcontent, division and misinformation among its readership.

The GlobalResearch.ca homepage, founded by retired Canadian academic Michel Chossudovsky.