Giovanni Andrew Roverso

Journalism, Web Design, Photography & Graphic Design

I am a photographer, videographer, graphic designer and web developer based out of Bellingham, Washington. After spending the first 20 years of my life in northern Italy I decided to move to the Pacific Northwest where I set up camp in Port Angeles, Olympic Peninsula before going on to become a visual journalism major at Western Washington University.

I have editing experience while working at the Peninsula College Buccaneer (news, copyediting, layout, photo and online) and I have published writing and photo experience with The Buccaneer, The Western Front at Western Washington University, and have written stories published in The Whatcom Watch, Bellingham. I also have published a podcast with The Planet Magazine.
I established The Buccaneer's website under its new WordPress theme in 2014 (theme was switched out in 2020). As online editor of The Western Front Online (WWU) I'm currently setting up a new theme for its website — stay tuned.

Whether in my free time or on task, I like to find out what makes things and people click. Tech, science, culture, society, policy, it all happens and interrelates. Sometimes I’ll be out and about, just around the corner, in nature or somewhere in-between. What I love most is to see where things and beings meet or pull apart. As the band Queens of The Stone Age once said, “the middle of nowhere, the center of everywhere.”

What’s in the box? What’s outside the box? Why is the box even there to begin with? That is admittedly cheesy, but the point is, it’s all about perspective.
Somewhere there's someone with a good story to tell. I want to find it and show it.