Giovanni Andrew Roverso

Journalism, Web Design, Photography & Graphic Design

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Giovanni A. Roverso is a Pacific Northwest visual journalism major.

Writer, photographer, videographer, graphic designer and web developer.

More About Me

Photography & Videography

I take photos as a hobby, for coursework at Western Washington University and for work.

I offer freelance photography and videography around Bellingham.

I usually shoot with a Canon 60D or cell phone when it's the best option.

Please visit my YouTube channel to see my videos.

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Graphic Design

I gained experience making graphics in college. I can make photo illustrations, art, ads and web elements whether it's pixel-by-pixel, vector, maps and animated graphics.

I can work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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Published Work

I've had various kinds of stories published, mostly in written form, but also in podcast form.

I'm based in Bellingham, but I pay attention to Washington State, national and international topics.

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Interactive Media

I like making content users can interact with on the web.

I'm familiar with DataWrapper, StoryMapJS, TimeLineJS, SoundciteJS and more.

I'm excited to discover new tools when figuring out solutions to new challenges.

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